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Re: [Condor-users] Groups with weighted slots in 7.6.9

> I take that back, as soon as I turned one group in my test hgq-tree with
> accept_surplus on, I see exactly the same behavior as in 7.6!

Enabling accept_surplus[_*] for any group "turns off" the fix in
question.   The reason is that surplus sharing works by taking unused
quota from one group and sharing it to another.  That logic involves
negotiating with the "allocated" portion of the quotas, as opposed to
the original configured quota.

If you run a configuration without any accept_surplus, your problem
should go away.  If that is not an option, I'll have to give some
thought to the problem.

Do you want surplus sharing, or do you want autoregroup?   (The two were
briefly synonyms, but I have since restored the original semantics of