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Re: [HTCondor-users] Condor SOAP call help needed

Hi Batsayan,

There is an alternative SOAP interface called Aviary provided as a HTCondor contrib. You can find more details here:


or here:


Using the Aviary WSDL files you should be able to generate and implement a Java submit client pretty easily using Axis2 or Apache CXF.

The WSDL of interest for creating job submissions will be found at:


Let me know if you have further questions.


On 04/09/2013 06:08 AM, Batsayan Das wrote:

My objective is to write a java program which  submits a condor job via SOAP web service.
I am using CondorVersion: 7.9.2 in ubuntu 12.04, and using tannenba-extending-condor.ppt as a reference.
I have installed  axis2-1.6.2 and apache-ant-1.9.0.

I set the following in $CODOR_CONFIG

SCHEDD_ARGS = -p 9666

Copied the Condor’s WSDL files condorCollector.wsdl and condorSchedd.wsdl from lib/webservice/ to a temprary directory and then run the following commands
bash$ wsdl2java.sh -uri condorSchedd.wsdl -d adb -s -ss -sd -ssi
bash$ wsdl2java.sh -uri condorCollector.wsdl -d adb -s -ss -sd -ssi

It generates the following tree
|-- build.xml
|-- condorCollector.wsdl
|-- condorSchedd.wsdl
|-- resources
|   |-- condorCollector.wsdl
|   |-- condorSchedd.wsdl
|   `-- services.xml
`-- src
    `-- condor
        |-- AbortTransaction.java
        |-- AbortTransactionResponse.java
        |-- Base64DataAndStatus.java
        |-- BeginTransaction.java
        |-- BeginTransactionResponse.java
        |-- ClassAdAttrType.java

Now I run the following command

bash$ ant
bash$ ant jar.all

It generates the class file along with  condorSchedd.aar and  condorSchedd-test-client.jar

Now I open a simple java project from eclips IDE, and include the condorSchedd.aar and  condorSchedd-test-client.jar as the external JAR library.

Now I add the following line in the sample java program ( this lines comes from the tannenba-extending-condor.ppt)

Schedd schedd = new Schedd("");
ClassAd ad = new ClassAd(schedd.getJobAd(cluster, job));

I got message "Schedd cannot be resolved to a type"  and "ClassAd cannot be resolved to a type" .

I am not very good in java, is there anything wrong I am doing in the entire process from wsdl file compilation to jar file generation to adding jar files as external jar for the submitter java application?

Thanks a lot.

Batsayan Das
Tata Consultancy Services
Mailto: batsayan.das@xxxxxxx
Website: http://www.tcs.com
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