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[HTCondor-users] File Descriptor limit reached

On one of our 7.9.7 testing CMs, we had a panic caused by a lack of file descriptors (as I was informed by dprintf_failure logs.) The machine in question was only managing ~12 nodes at the time, and no jobs were submitted. I was a little puzzled, but the other logs didn't seem to indicate anything was out of the ordinary. 

I  changed /proc/sys/fs/max-file-descriptors from 58150 to 65535. If any developers would like me to take any other steps to see if it's an issue in the 7.9.7 branch, I'd be more than happy to do so. Would it be in my best interest to change anything else in, say, the config? More file descriptors? The load was pretty much minuscule so I'm kind of scratching my head.


John Lambert