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[HTCondor-users] [HTCondor_users] Hook for startd issues

Hi, I follow the instructions in 'Custom ClassAd attributes in Condor: FreeMemoryMB via STARTD_CRON' to setup a script to add ClassAd to Startd deamon.
But I find that the custom ClassAd is not added and the log file of startd shows:

04/25/13 07:05:59 Create_Process: Cannot access specified executable "/home/kyle/free_memory_mb.sh": errno = 13 (Permission denied)
04/25/13 07:05:59 CronJob: Error running job 'FREE_MEMORY_MB'

I have used 'chmod ugo+rwx' to make sure every user can access free_memory_mb.sh.
I am using condor 7.8.6 x86_64 in CentOS 6.3.