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[HTCondor-users] Change MaxJobs limit on a running dagman job


I would like to change the max job limit that is defined on a dagman job.

I've read the following thread which gives some indication to handle this:

In my case I'm trying:
1. to hold the dagman job
2. change its "Arguments" value
3. release the job.

My problem is to replace the "-MaxJobs xxx" part in the "Arguments" attributes.

I retrieve the initial "Arguments" value as follow:

> condor_q -l <jobid> | grep  Arguments
Arguments = "-f -l . -Lockfile /a_path/exec.dag.lock -AutoRescue 1 -DoRescueFrom 0 -Dag /a_path/exec.dag -MaxJobs 5 -CsdVersion $CondorVersion:' '7.8.5' 'Oct' '09' '2012' 'BuildID:' '68720' '$ -Force -Dagman /usr/bin/condor_dagman -Outfile_dir LOG"

But I can't manage to set the modified value properly with condor_qedit: the single-quotes (used around the condor version declaration) are always reinterpreted and removed from the resulting "Argument" value.
Does anyone know how I could manage this ?

Thank's for your help,

Jerome Samson