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Re: [HTCondor-users] affecting user priority

On 4/30/2013 1:20 PM, Rita wrote:
is it possible to choose what will affect a user's priority? currently,
it seems the only metric is CPU usage. My thought is, if I can assign a
user priority by memory requirements  and then CPU usage.

By default, the fair-share user priority mechanism in HTCondor is based upon how many slots are used by a given user over time. The "cost" for each slot is, by default, based upon the number of CPUs in that slot. However, you can customize it to whatever you want via the "SlotWeight" knob in your condor_config files. So the default is
  SlotWeight = Cpus
If you want it based upon some mixture of memory plus CPUs, perhaps
  SlotWeight = cpus * 1000 + Memory
SlotWeight is read by the condor_startd (e.g. by the execute node), so each execute node could have a different SlotWeight.
I copied a snippet from the HTCondor Manual below.

Hope this helps

This may be used to give a slot greater weight when calculating usage, computing fair shares, and enforcing group quotas. For example, claiming a slot with SlotWeight = 2 is equivalent to claiming two SlotWeight = 1 slots. The default value is Cpus, the number of CPUs associated with the slot, which is 1 unless specially configured. Any expression referring to attributes of the slot ClassAd and evaluating to a positive floating point number is valid.

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