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Re: [HTCondor-users] weird log messages

Here's the obvious smelly part:

08/05/13 09:54:55 (pid:16584) WriteUserLog::initialize: safe_open_wrapper("/var/lib/condor/spool/2748/0/cluster32748.proc0.subproc0/job.32748.0.log") failed - errno 13 (Permission denied)

I assume you've eyeballed the permissions - see anything sketchy in that directory (or its parents)?  I'm not sure at what point in the job lifecycle that directory is supposed to be owned by the *user*, not *condor*.

What user is the condor_schedd running as?  One thought would be that the EUID is being set wrong to create the directory.


On Aug 6, 2013, at 9:28 AM, Pek Daniel <pekdaniel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi!
> I started to hit a single schedd with ~20 submissions / sec (vanilla universe), it couldn't handle it, and I got really strange messages in my SchedLog:
> http://fpaste.org/30096/56896391/
> I tried to increase the file descriptor limit but it didn't help. The permissions are fine in /var/lib/condor (everything is owned by condor user recursively).
> Any idea what causes this?
> Thanks,
> Daniel
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