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Re: [HTCondor-users] Delay in job log writing

No answer to this unfortunately but just to confirm that I have also seem this (with version 7.8.6)

and it is a bit frustrating if you are polling the log files for events rather than

using condor_q (not a good idea as it can overload the scheduler).


My guess is that Condor only updates the logfiles periodically and this isn't down

to an fsync() problem.  If that's the case, is there any way to configure Condor to

update the logfiles more often ?








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Hi, I find that there is delay in job log file writing. In my test, condor_q showed one job were running, but there were only a submit event of it in the log file. After a while, more events occurs and they would be wrote together. I think this is because of the buffer in write/fwrite function.

I hope that my log reader program can know events as soon as possible, so is there  any configuration can do this? I think condor_shadow should fsync after writing one event into log file.