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Re: [HTCondor-users] Failed to build 8.0.0 using WiX with win7, MSVS2010, WiX 3.7

On 26 August 2013 14:06, Kevin Buckley
<kevin.buckley.ecs.vuw.ac.nz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> As you point out, I was able to edit just two lines in the one XSL
> file in the  etc/WiX\xml directory ...
> ...
> and have seen an MSI created.
> I do however get a large amount of warnings in the output that I
> attach in case it is of use.

I have now tried installing the MSI I created, both using an automated
install where
I set %ARGS% and invoke

msiexec /qb /l* condor-install-log-2.txt /i condor-8xx-vuw-scs.msi %ARGS%

and where I entered values via the GUI-install dialogs.

Both methods of installtion see the same result.

Following the post-install reboot, neither the condor_kbdd.exe Process
nor the condor Service have started.

If I try to start to start the Service from within the admin Services
dialog, I get a

Windows could not start the condor service in the Local Computer
Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly

however, If I simply run

condor_master.exe by hand from a CMD.EXE, then I get a blank CMD.EXE
on the desktop, the machine starts to report to the Pools's master and I see
the following running Processes in TaskMgr.


suggesting everything was OK with the install bar the install of the automated
Service component and/or the setting of the


which is set to


Indeed I am more surprised that the latter doesn't start than I am the service?

And just to recap.

An 8.0.0 vanilla MSI install works

The MSI I am usihg above was built from the Condor tree within the ZIP
file, not the
tree that gets installed from the MSI, using WiX 3.7 and VS2008 Pro.

Any clues/pointers/debug directions/ ?

Kevin M. Buckley

eScience Consultant
School of Engineering and Computer Science
Victoria University of Wellington
New Zealand