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[HTCondor-users] Run Matlab Jobs using Condor

Hi everyone,

I have the latest 8.1.2 Condor running on a Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit machine.

I have a complied Matlab executable that accepts a parameter which is a folder, and knows to take the files inside it and run all sorts of calculations using them.

C:\test\program.exe - The executable
C:\test\condor.submit_0 - The Job file
L:\Patients\1090\ - A mapped network drive and the directory that holds the files.

universe = vanilla 
executable = program.exe 
error = error.$(cluster) 
should_transfer_files = YES 
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT 
getenv = True 
load_profile = True 
arguments = "L:\Patients\1090"
queue 1 

When I run the program by double clicking, everything works properly. When I try to run it through Condor using the condor.submit_0 file that is seen above I get the following error:

{Error using cd
Cannot CD to L:\Patients\1090 (Name is nonexistent or not a

Error in demo33 (line 4)

The directory exists, I can access it and the permissions are fine. 

I know I can use the "input= <folder>" to copy the folder and it's content to the temporary execute folder but what do I need to insert into "arguments = <Folder>" so the job will run properly ?

The number that is given to C:\condor\execute\condor_XXXX is random and I can't insert a a number that I don't know about into the job file. 

Any suggestion ?