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Re: [HTCondor-users] Suggestion: transfer on error

> But it is in the user log file for the job. If you're running a fairly recent DAGMan (7.9 something or later) you'll get a file called*.dag.nodes.log (unless you've changed the default settings). That file will have events for all of your node jobs, including execute events which have the IP address of the execute host.If you specify 'log = ...' in your submit files, you can also see the same events in those files.

Thank you. I'm on 8.0.4, and I see the dag.nodes.log file:

$ grep 474677 *.dag.nodes.log
000 (474677.000.000) 12/05 19:44:23 Job submitted from host: <>
001 (474677.000.000) 12/05 19:44:30 Job executing on host: <>
006 (474677.000.000) 12/05 19:44:31 Image size of job updated: 35736
005 (474677.000.000) 12/05 19:44:31 Job terminated.

I had previously been using 7.8, and I didn't notice this new file after upgrading to 8.0.x

Thanks again,