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[HTCondor-users] Debian packages versioning: identical for squeeze and wheezy

I'm not sure whether this is intended this way, but apparently
Debian Squeeze and Wheezy packages carry the same version (while
having different dependencies).

The way APT works does not depend on filenames (which are clearly
distinguishable) but on version/build strings which are extracted
from the packages themselves (control in the debian subtree).

Some people like me have to carry around certain legacy stuff,
and therefore have squeeze and wheezy lines in their sources.list.

With the current 8.0.4 packages, one cannot properly predict which
package will be installed - and with a Squeeze installation, on
dist-upgrade to Wheezy, there's no safe way to replace the deb6.0
package with the deb7 one.

Of course the solution would be to get rid of those squeeze lines
completely (not feasible now), including UWisc's repo directly
(which would force upgrades earlier than possibly desired - 
currently, we're "buffering" new versions for a while before
releasing them to our pool) - anything else?


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