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[HTCondor-users] What does this message mean?

"does not contain session information".  Is this a misconfiguration or something else?

Below is the ShadowLog.  This is a 7.9.1 shadow on Linux talking to a 7.4.3 starter on Windows, in case that matters.

02/06/13 10:57:06 Initializing a VANILLA shadow for job 163565.0
02/06/13 10:57:06 (163565.0) (1525): SEC_ENABLE_MATCH_PASSWORD_AUTHENTICATION: failed to create security session from claim id, because claim id does not contain session information: <>#1360150619#8#...
02/06/13 10:57:06 (163565.0) (1525): Request to run on slot1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <> was ACCEPTED
02/06/13 11:05:32 (163565.0) (6719): ERROR "Error from slot1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Failed to transfer files" at line 726 in file /slots/01/dir_38483/userdir/src/condor_shadow.V6.1/pseudo_ops.cpp

Nathan Panike