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Re: [HTCondor-users] What does this message mean?

Hi Nathan,

The message about match password authentication is likely an expected condition in your case. This is not ideal logging. I'll look into improving it.

What it means is that the submit node is enabled to use match password authentication, but the execute node is not. I would not expect this case to cause file transfer failure. I think it is unrelated to whatever is causing that. Perhaps the starter logs would shed light on what is.


On 2/6/13 11:10 AM, Nathan Panike wrote:
"does not contain session information".  Is this a misconfiguration or something else?

Below is the ShadowLog.  This is a 7.9.1 shadow on Linux talking to a 7.4.3 starter on Windows, in case that matters.

02/06/13 10:57:06 Initializing a VANILLA shadow for job 163565.0
02/06/13 10:57:06 (163565.0) (1525): SEC_ENABLE_MATCH_PASSWORD_AUTHENTICATION: failed to create security session from claim id, because claim id does not contain session information: <>#1360150619#8#...
02/06/13 10:57:06 (163565.0) (1525): Request to run on slot1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <> was ACCEPTED
02/06/13 11:05:32 (163565.0) (6719): ERROR "Error from slot1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Failed to transfer files" at line 726 in file /slots/01/dir_38483/userdir/src/condor_shadow.V6.1/pseudo_ops.cpp

Nathan Panike
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