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Re: [HTCondor-users] Condor startd Restriction Policies

Can I answer my own question? J


START = regexp("linear-kf", TARGET.GlobalJobId, "i")


seems to work OK. First test seemed to take a long time to start running though.

In fact condor_q –analyze seemed to take a very long time (10 mins) always saying

“Request has not yet been considered by the matchmaker.” Even though the Negotiator

interval is 60 secs and schedd interval is 30 secs. Whether these things are related I’m

still trying to determine.






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We’ve been fiddling with some policy restrictions recently and can restrict users easily enough, e.g.


START = TARGET.User == "user@whatever"


However, we’ve tried the following, unsuccessfully, to restrict submit nodes.


START = regexp("linear-yf", ClientMachine, "i")


I don’t think ClientMachine is defined until there’s a job running?


START = regexp("linear-yf", target.Machine, "i")

START = regexp("linear-yf", TARGET.Machine, "i")


Just tried these to see what happens. No luck.


What should we be using to restrict jobs being run on an execute so that they can only come from a

particular submit node?


Thanks for any help.