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Re: [HTCondor-users] Don't understand HoldReason msg

I am making progress, the log file is now working, but I cannot get the command

condor_store_cred add -c -n <machine name> –p <pool password>

to work except on the master machine. On other machines it says

Operation failed.
    Make sure you have CONFIG access to the target Master.

I have the following in the condor_config of the master (with other CREDD lines, omitted here):

ALLOW_CONFIG = Administrator@*, rfinch@*
CRED_SUPER_USERS = Administrator@*, rfinch@*, condor_pool@*

I tried running the condor_store_cred add -c -n <machine name> –p <pool password> command from a command window with Admin privs but that didn't help.  Any ideas?

Ralph Finch
Calif. Dept. of Water Resources

On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 7:39 AM, Michael O'Donnell <odonnellm@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

User condor_pool is not an actual Windows user, right?

The condor_pool is not an active directory user. This is the condor pool user, which is used by the daemons to communicate between each other. The pool password is required if you require the password credentials. E.g., SEC_CLIENT_AUTHENTICATION_METHODS = NTSSPI, PASSWORD


condor_store_cred add -c -n <machine name> –p <pool password>


I generally script this based on a list of machines via Python, since our pool has 120 machines or so.


After running these commands you need to run a reconfig.

condor_reconfig -all