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Re: [HTCondor-users] HTCondor & LS-Opt

Andrew, right now Bosco does not support Windows. But you can submit from a Mac or any Linux machine.
If you have time, watch SIMPLIFY JOB MANAGEMENT WITH BOSCO  webinar by Derek Weitzel.
See the abstract below

ABSTRACT: Bosco is designed to manage high throughput computing jobs where hundreds to thousands of jobs run simultaneously on remote clusters.  Previously it was the responsibility of the researcher to manage these jobs by hand to ensure satisfactory job completion.   With Bosco, the effort is reduced since the researcher submits these jobs on their own workstation and Bosco manages all the remote aspects of running the jobs and collecting the data.  In this presentation, I will demonstrate how Bosco works, how to install and run Bosco on your laptop. 



On Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 3:26 PM, Andrew Mole <Andrew.Mole@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear Miha,

Thank you for your response. I had already taken a look at Bosco, but there is no mention of LS-Opt and it seems that it does not work for us for two reasons:
* it is not written for Windows, and the submit computers that I was wanting to use are Win7 (phasing out WinXP).
* it requires submissions to be made using HTCondor syntax,which means that I have to write the wrappers anyway for LS-Opt to submit the tasks, and it doesn't seem to add anything at I need - i.e. it adds the ability to submit remotely and to describe dependencies, but our network is made up of desktop computers, and dependencies are handled by LS-Opt.

Am I missing anything? 

If Bosco worked on Win7, then it looks as though it could be useful for submitting LS-Dyna jobs to a Linux cluster that we have, though. Any idea if a Windows Bosco is in the pipeline?

Best regards,


On 30 Jun, 2013, at 2:43 AM, "Miha Ahronovitz" <mihaa@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I suggest you have a look at Bosco, http://bosco.opensciencegrid.org/ Download and install is very easy and you connect in a jiffy to an external cluster.

Ask any questions on bosco-discuss alias or contact me to direct you to an engineer. You will be  pleasantly surprised, I hope.

Miha Ahronovitz

Product Creation & User Adoption
Bosco Team

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