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Re: [HTCondor-users] How use less ports

On 7/3/13 6:34 AM, Romain wrote:
Romain <nuelromain@...> writes:

You say:
If the large outbound port range is a problem, you can configure the
execute nodes to use CCB
What is the CCB ? I never see anything about this in the HTCondor
documentation for the time

OK I look up about CCB in documentation and I think I understand, but is it
the only solution for me ?

CCB should not be required in your situation if you can open a sufficiently large outbound port range on the submit machines. That's the simplest thing to do. I suggested using CCB only if you need to reduce the number of outbound ports that must be opened from the submit machines. By configuring the execute nodes to use CCB, you cause connections between the submit and execute machines to be incoming connections on the submit machine. Since incoming connections use the shared port, this configuration requires a much smaller number of ports on the submit machine.