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[HTCondor-users] Is there a better way to deal with NFS log file issues for SUBDAG than DAGMAN_LOG_ON_NFS_IS_ERROR?

   I'm on condor version 7.6.7 and am using a SUBDAG for the first time because I really need the ability to generate the sub-dag dynamically, so I can't use SPLICE. The problem I run into is when dagman generates the submit file for the inner dag, it defaults to putting the log file in the same directory as the inner dag, and this directory is NFS mounted. I can force things to work by using a dag level config file and setting DAGMAN_LOG_ON_NFS_IS_ERROR to False, but this rather clumsy. Is there some way I can force dagman to use a different default logging directory? Or is there some other more surgical way to deal with this? Bear in mind that I am a user, not an administrator, so I can't change condor configuration globally.


John Calley