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[HTCondor-users] CondorWeek 2013 Phrases/Quotes

Hi everyone,
We're very excited about HTCondorWeek this year (that's right, with
the new naming, everyone owning a "CondorWeek" shirt has a
*collector's item*), and wanted to get any ideas you have for phrases
for giveaways. After a brainstorming session between Cycle & HTCondor
folks, we came up with the following ideas, but could definitely use
other suggestions:

1. HTCondor - the HT is silent

2. And you will know my name is HTCondor, when I lay my workload upon you.

3. HTCondor - making your computer useful while you get HTCoffee

4. HTCondor: I don't often submit jobs, but when I do, I submit a lot!

5. HTCondor: We complete more jobs before 8am than most people do all year

6. HTCondor: My other computer is YOUR data center!

7. HTHipster - we were doing cluster computing before it was cool.

8. HTCondor don’t care. It just takes what it wants.

9. HTCondor: because THCondor made everyone get the munchies.

Please respond back with the ones you like and any additional ideas,
and we'll put a poll together. We're looking forward to seeing
everyone, and can't wait to get your thoughts!



Jason A. Stowe
cell: 607.227.9686
main: 888.292.5320


Cycle Computing, LLC
Leader in Utility Supercomputing and Cloud HPC Software