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[HTCondor-users] java universe writing files as user nobody


I am running a dag script with four jobs in it, two in vanilla universe and two in java universe. Due to a curious setup, even though we do have a shared file system, all UID_DOMAINs are different, which afaik causes the jobs to run as nobody. This is not a problem for the two vanilla universe programs. However, for the java universe jobs, the output files are written as nobody.nobody. This is an issue since java job no 2 then claims that this file is non-existent and cannot run.

All four scripts have should_transfler_files=YES and when_to_transfer_output=ON_EXIT. For reasons unknown to me (these scripts are hand me downs from the previous sysadmin) the two vanilla universe jobs specify the file that should be output (input is specified in the arguments list). The java universe scripts do not - they have input and output specified in the arguments list. I tried specifying output for the java job, using an absolute path, but while the file did end up having the right permissions, it ended up in the submitting directory.

Needless to say this leaves me a bit confused. Anybody got any hints for me? Right now I am at a loss of where to start chasing this down.

Best, Karin
Karin Lagesen, Ph.D.
Department of Medical Genetics
and Norwegian High-Throughput Sequencing Centre (NSC)
Oslo University Hospital