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[HTCondor-users] Limiting size of tmp files in /var/condor/execute

We are expanding the use of HTCondor across cluster systems of more diverse hardware and ownership requirements on our campus.  The default Condor configuration allows users to fill /var/condor/execute until machines crash or nearly crash.  I did some "googling" on the Condor suppor pages to fix this and the majority of fixes recommended a separate disk partition.  Because of the highly diverse nature of the contributed systems, setting up separate partitions is not an option.

Is there a recommended alternative fix somewhere in the user manual or listserv archives that someone can point me to?  I thought about changing default local machine config values such as "TotalDisk = something_smaller" but I'm not sure this would actually set a maximal limit for space /var/condor/execute can utilize.

Thanks for any insight,

Paul R Brenner, PhD, P.E.
Center for Research Computing
The University of Notre Dame