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Re: [HTCondor-users] Limiting size of tmp files in /var/condor/execute

Dr. Brenner-

I'm ssh keyless this weekend, so I can't check, but I believe I remember some we had discovered for this purpose. I'll take a look and let you know if I find anything. 

Your other option, assuming these are UNIX machines, is to create some disk images with dd, and then mount them as loopback devices. If you used some sort of copy on write imaging (QEMU's qcow comes to mind) you could transfer the images, mount them as loopback devices with a precommand script and use that as your execute directory. Management of this system would likely be very difficult however.

John Lambert

On Saturday, March 30, 2013, Paul Brenner <paul.r.brenner@xxxxxx> wrote:
> We are expanding the use of HTCondor across cluster systems of more diverse hardware and ownership requirements on our campus.  The default Condor configuration allows users to fill /var/condor/execute until machines crash or nearly crash.  I did some "googling" on the Condor suppor pages to fix this and the majority of fixes recommended a separate disk partition.  Because of the highly diverse nature of the contributed systems, setting up separate partitions is not an option.
> Is there a recommended alternative fix somewhere in the user manual or listserv archives that someone can point me to?  I thought about changing default local machine config values such as "TotalDisk = something_smaller" but I'm not sure this would actually set a maximal limit for space /var/condor/execute can utilize.
> Thanks for any insight,
> Paul
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