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[HTCondor-users] Website and documentation

Hi all,

Following the discussion held during the last day of HTCondor Week,
here are a couple of recommendations taken from what's been done in
Mageia Linux, a distro I've been collaborating with since 2010.

1.- Web designer. A student with knowledge in web designing can help
create a simple yet nice web site and organize the information of the
front page of the project. See [1] as an example. It has all the info
of the distro, downloads, contacts, links to documentation, etc.

It has to be someone with a esthetic test, something that we computer
geeks or scientist don't usually have ;)

2.- Create a documentation team. It can start with one person who can
catalog the current documents. People will naturally help update and
organize the documentation, including marking as outdated.
HTCondor already has a lot of useful documentation so creating new one
is not a necessity, except for a couple of quick start guides, sort of
a "hello world" for HTCondor pool configuration.

Somebody that day showed a tool to manage documentation which could be
used as a complement to the web site as well.


[1] http://www.mageia.org/en/

PD: It was awesome attend HTCondor week last week. I hope to see you
people next year.

Diego Bello Carreño