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Re: [HTCondor-users] Website and documentation

Hi all

I think Diego raises good points and I want only to add a little bit of
what I've taken from the panel discussion and some smalltalk later on,

On 05/07/2013 04:55 AM, Diego Bello wrote:
> 2.- Create a documentation team. It can start with one person who can
> catalog the current documents. People will naturally help update and
> organize the documentation, including marking as outdated.
> HTCondor already has a lot of useful documentation so creating new one
> is not a necessity, except for a couple of quick start guides, sort of
> a "hello world" for HTCondor pool configuration.

I only want to elaborate on this: I think if the current manual evolved
into something like a full scale reference manual, where one could
quickly look up what knobs there are and what they do, possibly
cross-linked many times. I think if all knobs were presented in
alphabetical order plus a secondary index sorted by user/admin/daemon
part would be awesome.

The current recipes are very good as they serve as a FAQ section for how
to solve specific problems and they should staym but might need to be
ordered as well, as the list will still grow over time.

Finally, what I would like to see are "modules" filling the gap between
the two latter parts. A module would address a larger problem set and
could consist of a admin and a user part showing a possible way to solve
it. These should be as simple as possible to keep them short, but still
as complete as needed.

For example these could cover

- user Joe (the B..., why always him? ;)) wants to run many jobs in
parallel, institution owns a coulpe of machine they want to dedicate to
this endeavor and admin Todd (:P) needs to set this up (technical notes:
vanilla universe only, no preemtion, no ranks, just the basic set-up).
This module would consist of the Todd's part of setting up the pool and
Joe's part of creating the submit file and run and monitor it.

- user Jane enters the scene and also needs to run jobs and here work is
deemed more important than Joe's - here one could add fair-share and

- now with groups and different priorities and START/RANK expressions
for nodes...


Does this make sense?



PS: Thanks for the great HTCondorWeek!
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