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[HTCondor-users] Call for Participation: ScienceCloud at ACM HPDC on June 17th 2013 in NYC NY

                        *** Call for Participation ***                                  
         4th Workshop on Scientific Cloud Computing (ScienceCloud) 2013
     Co-located with ACM HPDC 2013, New York City, NY, USA -- June 17th, 2013

The 4th workshop on Scientific Cloud Computing (ScienceCloud) will provide the 
scientific community a dedicated forum for discussing new research, development, 
and deployment efforts in running scientific computing workloads on Cloud 
Computing infrastructures. The ScienceCloud workshop will focus on the 
use of cloud-based technologies to meet new compute-intensive and data-
intensive scientific challenges that are not well served by the current 
supercomputers, grids and HPC clusters. 

The workshop features a keynote talk by Dr. Ian T. Foster (University of Chicago
& Argonne National Laboratory), an invited talk by Radu Sion (Stony Brook), and 
7 papers and oral presentations. The talk titles for the full day workshop are:
- Keynote: Science as a Service: How On-Demand Computing Can Accelerate Discovery
- High Performance Risk Aggregation: Addressing the Data Processing Challenge the 
  Hadoop MapReduce Way  
- Performance Evaluation of a MongoDB and Hadoop Platform for Scientific Data Analysis
- VIDAS: Object-based Virtualized Data Sharing for High Performance Storage I/O
- Invited talk: To Cloud My Big Data or Not To? Musings at the Intersection of 
                Big Data, Intense Computing and  Clouds
- StorkCloud: Data Transfer Scheduling and Optimization as a Service
- Downscaling in a Multi-Cloud Environment
- Dimensioning the Virtual Cluster for Parallel Scientific Workflows in Clouds
- HTC Scientific Computing in a Distributed Cloud Environment

The full program can be found at 

- Ioan Raicu, Illinois Institute of Technology & Argonne National Lab., USA
- Yogesh Simmhan, University of Southern California, USA

- Kyle Chard, University of Chicago, USA
- Gabriel Antoniu, INRIA, France
- Lavanya Ramakrishnan, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, USA

- Ian Foster, University of Chicago & Argonne National Laboratory, USA
- Pete Beckman, University of Chicago & Argonne National Laboratory, USA
- Carole Goble, University of Manchester, UK
- Dennis Gannon, Microsoft Research, USA
- Robert Grossman, University of Chicago, USA
- Kate Keahey, University of Chicago & Argonne National Laboratory, USA
- Ed Lazowska, University of Washington & Computing Community Consortium, USA
- David O'Hallaron, Carnegie Mellon University & Intel Labs, USA
- Jack Dongarra, University of Tennessee, USA
- Geoffrey Fox, Indiana University, USA

- Samer Al-Kiswany (University of British Columbia)
- Roger Barga (Microsoft Research)
- Roy Campbell (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)
- Charlie Catlett (Argonne National Laboratory)
- Simon Caton (KIT)
- David Chiu (Washington State University)
- Jack Dongara (University of Tennessee)
- Ake Edlund (Royal Institute of Technology)
- Chathura Herath (Indiana University)
- Neil Chue Hong (University of Edinburgh)
- Adriana Iamnitchi (University of South Florida)
- Shantenu Jha (Louisiana State University)
- Hui Jin (Illinois Institute of Technology)
- Carl Kesselman (University of Southern California)
- Thilo Kielmann (Vrije University)
- Gregor von Laszewski (Indiana University)
- Shiyong Lu (Wayne State University)
- Wei Lu (Microsoft Research)
- Andr Luckow (Louisiana State University)
- David Martin (Argonne National Laboratory)
- Gabriel Mateescu (Virginia Tech)
- Paolo Missier (University of Manchester)
- Ruben Montero (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
- Reagan Moore (University of North Carolina)
- Jose Moreira (IBM Research)
- Christine Morin (INRIA Rennes)
- Pasquale Pagano (ISTI)
- Beth Plale (Indiana University)
- Omer Rana (Cardiff University)
- Matei Ripeanu (University of British Columbia)
- Josh Simons (VMWare)
- Douglas Thain (University of Notre Dame)
- Johan Tordsson (Ume University)
- Vasudeva Varma (IIIT-Hyderabad)
- Zhifeng Yun (Louisiana State University)
- Yong Zhao (University of Electronic and Science Technology of China)

Ioan Raicu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)
Guest Research Faculty, Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)
Data-Intensive Distributed Systems Laboratory, CS/IIT
Distributed Systems Laboratory, MCS/ANL
Editor: IEEE TCC, Springer JoCCASA
Chair:  IEEE/ACM MTAGS, ACM ScienceCloud, IEEE/ACM DataCloud
Cel:      1-847-722-0876
Office:   1-312-567-5704
Email:    iraicu@xxxxxxxxxx
Web:      http://www.cs.iit.edu/~iraicu/
Web:      http://datasys.cs.iit.edu/
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ioanraicu
Google:   http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=jE73HYAAAAAJ