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[HTCondor-users] Measuring wallclocktime for grid jobs

Hi all, 

I am writing a Co-Scheduler for condor and thus the need to measure remote wallclocktime.
 looked at condor_history 1128 -l | grep RemoteWallClockTime I get the right wallclocktime which means this information is maintained somewhere.
GridResource = "gt5 tusker-gw1.unl.edu/jobmanager-pbs"
ImageSize_RAW = 8
LastSuspensionTime = 0
ExitCode = 0
JobStatus = 4
ShadowBday = undefined
ExecutableSize = 10
RemoteWallClockTime = 454.000000
KillSig = "SIGTERM"
StreamOut = false
CurrentTime = time()
RequestMemory = 2048

I started measuring wallclocktime by using the timestamps in the log file as I could not find the datastructure containing remotewallclocktime anywhere. The difference of times between the events JOB_EXECUTE and JOB_TERMINATED. This seemed to work fine until I hit a bump where there could be options like MASTER_UPDATE_INTERVAL in condor configuration, that could update the condor logs with the delay. I need to measure wallclock accurately independent of configuration on the clusters on the grid.

Can someone please shed light as to from where I can measure RemoteWallClockTime right after the completion of a job. I am already making use of libcondorapi for reading events from log file.