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Re: [HTCondor-users] Master Daemon - can't find address

Thank you – that is very helpful.


Our IT department recently installed HTCondor on a machine, but they did not follow my instructions on the various settings. So I have therefore had to go through and edit the condor_config file. I have changed it so that it is the same as the other machines that are working correctly, but it still doesn’t seem to be working properly. The machine (PC_92) does not appear when I do a condor_status. We have then run condor_startd on the computer, at which point it appeared on the status list. However, it is unable to submit analyses, and it does not respond to requests from other computers:


PS D:\condor\GSA_test> condor_submit test_VBS_GSA_submit_3.txt

Submitting job(s)

ERROR: Failed to connect to local queue manager

CEDAR:6001:Failed to connect to <>


-          This means that it has failed to connect to itself, since this is its own IP address (i.e.


PS C:\Users\andrew.mole> condor_config_val -name PC_92 IP_ADDRESS

Can't find address for this master

Perhaps you need to query another pool.



1.      Any ideas why this is?

2.      Is there anything in the windows setup that would mess with the operation of the computer – ie that cannot be overridden by the settings in the config files?


This computer is running 8.0.2 on a win7 x64 PC, while the pool manager is still running 7.8.6 on a win7 x64 PC.


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Hi Andrew,

Yes you are doing right!
Master daemon is the daemon that is responsible for keeping all the rest of the HTCondor daemons running on each machine in the pool, so each machine in a HTCondor pool must have this daemon running no matter what functions the machine performs.
The first line you wrote is for an executer and submitter node.
The Central Manager should have at least the MASTER, COLLECTOR and NEGOTIATOR to perform the CM functions: collect all ClassAds (COLLECTOR) and perform the matchmaking (NEGOTIATOR). The line you wrote adds the Scheduler and Executer functions to that machine.
Always you have a machine with STARTD running you should also have a KBDD daemon to monitor the keyboard/mouse activity. On Windows machines you will also see an KBDD running under the user login that monitors that user keyboard/mouse activity.

More informations about MASTER you could find at http://condor-portal/manuals/html/condor-V8_0_2-Manual/3_1Introduction.html#8881


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Please excuse my ignorance, but which computers should be running the master daemon – i.e. if I have a node that can submit and execute (but is not the central manager) should it be running the master daemon? I don’t find the documentation particularly helpful on this, at least, not in the locations I have looked (which is almost certainly not the right ones!).
For my central manager I have:
Am I doing it right?

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