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Re: [HTCondor-users] Master Daemon - can't find address

If you want a machine to be able to submit jobs, you need to have a
schedd running. If you want a machine to be an execute node, you need
to have a startd running. For both types of machines, you need to
point them to the central manager. This is done by setting the config
knob COLLECTOR_HOST to the address of the central manager. You can
indirectly do this by setting CONDOR_HOST to that address. Beyond
that, you just need to make sure the internal network firewalls will
let through HTCondor's traffic. Someone else with mixed pool
experience can chime in about whether the 7.8 series plays nicely with
the 8.0 series.

Based on what you wrote in your email, it reads as if you tried
submitting a job on the new machine you're trying to add without
having set it up as a submit node.

HTCondor Project Windows Developer / NEOS Maintainer