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Re: [HTCondor-users] ClassAds use in condor config RANK and START

On 10/10/2013 12:53, "Alex Waite" <alexander.waite@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>We have one machine which we wish to add to our Condor Pool, but in an
>experimental capacity. It is very different from all other machines, and
>we do not want "normal" jobs to execute on it. Instead, I only want jobs
>which specifically request it (I was thinking via a ClassAd requirement)
>to execute on that node.
>However, from what I understand, a job's REQUIREMENTS resolves to a
>boolean by the time the condor config parses it. So examining what a
>jobs requirements were/are is not possible.
>As an aside, I could see this being useful for ranking scenarios too.
>If, say, you have one machine with unique capabilities (specialized
>software, CPU performance, etc), it would nice nice to be able to have
>the machine itself prefer jobs which explicitly request its features via
>a ClassAd. I know this can be done using other attributes such as:
>RANK = ImageSize
>But I don't see how it's possible with ClassAds.
>Any insight would be most welcome.
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