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[HTCondor-users] ClassAds use in condor config RANK and START

We have one machine which we wish to add to our Condor Pool, but in an experimental capacity. It is very different from all other machines, and we do not want "normal" jobs to execute on it. Instead, I only want jobs which specifically request it (I was thinking via a ClassAd requirement) to execute on that node.

However, from what I understand, a job's REQUIREMENTS resolves to a boolean by the time the condor config parses it. So examining what a jobs requirements were/are is not possible.

As an aside, I could see this being useful for ranking scenarios too. If, say, you have one machine with unique capabilities (specialized software, CPU performance, etc), it would nice nice to be able to have the machine itself prefer jobs which explicitly request its features via a ClassAd. I know this can be done using other attributes such as:

RANK = ImageSize

But I don't see how it's possible with ClassAds.

Any insight would be most welcome.