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Re: [HTCondor-users] config.d vs condor_config.local

My mistake, I had the DIR and the FILE swapped in my mind.  what actually happens
is the the config directory is processed before  the local config file,  then if LOCAL_CONFIG_DIR
is different after processing LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE, then the new config directory is also processed

Thus If the config directory is fully specified in condor_config, condor_config.local will be loaded last
But if the config directory isn't fully specified until after condor_config.local is read
then the config directory will be processed after the local config is loaded.

This also permits you to have 2 config directories, if one is set in condor_config, and a different
one is set in condor_config.local.


On 8/8/2014 5:09 PM, Dimitri Maziuk wrote:
On 08/08/2014 05:00 PM, John (TJ) Knoeller wrote:
as I said LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE is read after the config dir if the value of
LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE has changed.
What you said was "before *and* after". If it were read *before* then
myFOO should've been there. Or are you saying when it's read before we
set myFOO and then when it's read after, we remove myFOO?

If you will just run the command I asked and show the results, then I
can probably explain what is happening.
# condor_config_val -verbose -dump 'LOCAL_(CONFIG|DIR)'
# Configuration from machine: duck.bmrb.wisc.edu

# Parameters with names that match LOCAL_(CONFIG|DIR):
 # at: <Default>
 # expanded:
LOCAL_CONFIG_DIR = /etc/condor/config.d
 # at: /etc/condor/condor_config, line 38, use EXPERIMENTAL:ASYNC_STAGEOUT+0
 # expanded: /etc/condor/config.d
 # at: <Default>
 # expanded: ^((\..*)|(.*~)|(#.*)|(.*\.rpmsave)|(.*\.rpmnew))$
 # default: ^((\..*)|(.*~)|(#.*)|(.*\.rpmsave)|(.*\.rpmnew))$
LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE = /etc/condor/condor_config.local
 # at: /etc/condor/condor_config, line 29, use EXPERIMENTAL:ASYNC_STAGEOUT+0
 # expanded: /etc/condor/condor_config.local
LOCAL_DIR = /var
 # at: /etc/condor/condor_config, line 26, use EXPERIMENTAL:ASYNC_STAGEOUT+0
 # expanded: /var
 # default: $(TILDE)
 # at: <Default>
 # expanded: true
 # default: true

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