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[HTCondor-users] Flocking problem!

I have setup two condor pools. On a machine (Condor2) on the first pool, I have configured FLOCK_TO = ip-address of the central-manager of the second condor pool. Also, I have given the central manager of the second pool ALLOW_WRITE access.

On the central manager of the second pool, I have configured FLOCK_FROM = ip-address of the central manager of the first condor pool. I have given the submitter machine (Condor2) of the first pool ALLOW_WRITE access.

I submitted two jobs from Condor2 that were matched with the two available slots in the first pool. Then I have submitted another job in order to be flocked to the second pool. Unfortunately, it did not flock. The job remained idle until one slot is free in the first pool.

Any suggestions, please?

Best Regards,