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Re: [HTCondor-users] job is crashing inside ht condor, working like a charm outside htcondor!

I think you can use libSegFault.so to cache it. Just add LD_PRELOAD to environments in submit file.

2014-2-17 PM6:06于 "Renaud Guezennec" <renaud@xxxxxxx>写道:

We are facing strange issue.
Our rendering software crashes when it was started inside htcondor job but when I start it manually it works perfectly on the same machine.
It is also working on smaller machines and virtual machines.
The error message is "segmentation fault".

Please, I provides some technical details through these two files:
-strace output : http://blog.rolisteam.org/?attachment_id=130
-Informations about the job: http://blog.rolisteam.org/?attachment_id=131
(you can also find them in the attached archive).

FYI, ht condor is working under vanilla universe.

If you know any method to find out the issue, or to get more information It will be very useful.

Thanks for your time.


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