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[HTCondor-users] Communication problems between daemons (Windows)

Are there any HTCondor users of Microsoft Windows clients having problems with HTCondor communication. I have had a pool set up since 2009 and I am currently having problems with detecting different roles of HTCondor machines. I am currently using 8.3.

What I would like to know is if there are HTCondor users that are having similar issues, so I can determine whether the issue is related to my organization's policies or to the HTCondor software itself.

I would greatly appreciate any comments or thoughts from Windows users.

Here are the problems I am seeing:
condor_status: Correctly returns a list of all machines that are within my pool
condor_status -master: only returns a subset of machines within pool (this list should include machines returned with condor_status [versus all slots])
condor_status -schedd: only returns a subset of all submit machines

All daemons run as SystemNT.
All daemons are running on clients despite that the the central manager is not detecting them.
I do not see any errors in the master or schedd and I am using all debugging options.

We are using Symantec antivirus software, which I believe have exceptions for Condor daemons (I am trying to verify this however). We are not using Windows firewall and we are not using any other Windows antivirus software (e.g., windows defender).

The other issue that might be causing the problem are the Active Directory group policies, which I am also investigating on my end.

Thank you,