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Re: [HTCondor-users] Condor/SGE cluster

Hi Francesco,

>This depends on what else qsub can output to stdout, and, having no direct
>SGE experience, I'd be cautious in changing it.

This depends on whether you evaluate the return code of qsub or not. This Perl command returns X if and only if the line starts with "Your job X" and X is a number. So if you check the return code of qsub then this is the only possible output and you can use "awk" instead of "perl". Otherwise, you need "perl" because it automatically returns an empty string if qsub failed. 

>Would it be too much if I asked you to please test removing the
>"2> /dev/null" and see if you hit any side effects ? This may be useful
>for other users in the future.

I do not see any side effects... but neither do I see the output. I assume that sge_submit is executed on the destination/startd node - and therefore stdout simply disappears into nirvana. If this is true then the only solution is to use a log file.

Best regards,