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[HTCondor-users] Do you NEED to share condor_config across multiple versions of HTCondor?

If the HTCondor team were to add new features to the condor_config file that would
cause older versions of HTCondor to regard the condor_config as invalid -
Would this prevent you from using the new feature?

Say, for instance that you could have lines in the config file that were neither comments nor valid key = value statements; and that these new statements were necessary
for configuring a STARTD to use GPUs.

Would the fact that HTCondor 8.0.x and earlier would core dump when trying to read
this configuration prevent you from using these new statements to configure
other machines running HTCondor 8.1.x that could read and use this configuration?

We generally try and preserve backward compatibility, but there are real advantages to new syntax in the config file for solving certain STARTD configuration problems.

So the question is - is backward compatibility so important to you that it would prevent you from using 8.1 features on 8.1 machines because your installation needs for those
config files to look valid to older HTCondor versions.

Thank you for your time.