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Re: [HTCondor-users] HTCondor ClassAd attributes list in python bindings

There is no definitive list,  but you can use

    condor_submit <submit_file> -dump -

to see the classad that would be sent to the schedd (this is instead of submitting it).

you can learn what attributes correspond to what submit keywords this way.
In some cases, you will notice that condor_submit is generating attributes.


On 12/27/2013 4:04 AM, Alessandro wrote:
Hi everyone!

After loosing 2 days trying to submit a job in python bindings using the same attributes names that  appear in a condor submit file, I realized that attributes names submitting using python are different.

For example:
Universe       = vanilla
Executable     = my_script.sh  
arguments = $(Process)

input   = /dev/null
output  = hello_$(Process).out                
error   = hello_$(Process).error  

would be like this:
ad = classad.ClassAd();
ad['Universe'] = 'vanilla';
ad['Cmd'] = 'my_script.sh';
ad['Arguments'] = classad.ExprTree(ProcID);
ad['In'] = '/dev/null'
ad['Out'] = classad.ExprTree('strcat("my_script.", ClusterID, ".", ProcID, ".out")'); 

Where can i find an extensive list of the attributes that can be used in a ClassAd using Python bindings?

Thank you,


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