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Re: [HTCondor-users] Do you NEED to share condor_config across multiple versions of HTCondor?

> If you have a mixture of nodes running versions N and N+1, it seems to
> me that you can:
> 1. Not make use of feature X
> 2. Enable feature X on the N+1 nodes only (by pushing out different
> configs to those nodes)
> 3. Upgrade all your nodes to N+1 before enabling feature X
> Seems pretty reasonable to me.

The above three options are probably feasible for most customers.  The two points I'd like to make are:

1) we can't *guarantee* there isn't some user out there whose situation somehow precludes those options.

2) Nobody has yet explained either what Feature X is, or what proposed [funky-syntax] would look like. Is there a way to provide Feature-X with existing syntax that is 80% as good?

On a related note, is there a ticket and/or design document associated with Feature-X?