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Re: [HTCondor-users] Job Suspended - Stuck

On 1/16/2014 12:02 PM, Andrey Kuznetsov wrote:

Here's the log file from a job that appears to be suspended, and I cannot
resume it.
Short of removing the job and resubmitting it, is there another way to
force it to restart or continue?

Ah, follow-up to my own post, as a user you could also do

   condor_vacate_job 1321.3

to kick it off the machine that suspended the job and have it rescheduled to run again...

Maybe that is what you were asking for in the first place...


001 (1321.003.000) 01/15 15:57:23 Job executing on host: <128.114.*.*:9944>
006 (1321.003.000) 01/15 15:57:32 Image size of job updated: 24704
     2  -  MemoryUsage of job (MB)
     1572  -  ResidentSetSize of job (KB)
010 (1321.003.000) 01/15 15:58:56 Job was suspended.
     Number of processes actually suspended: 2