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[HTCondor-users] Visibility of schedd classads


One of our main concerns with HTCondor is the lack of "global status" awareness. Each node must take its own policy decisions without being aware of the global status of the system.

For instance, we would like some nodes to be able to change its policies according to QoS parameters, such as number of queued jobs, or implementing some kind of "tasks per node" policy (this can be solved in a number of ways, from generic node resources to job exporting a "tag" classad to the startd, but those feels like a kludge).

I have seen that the schedd already have some very useful tools for gathering statistical data, but I would like to know if there is any way to let the negotiator and/or the startd know about those, because even though I have seen no way to ask for schedd classads to be inserted into jobs' ones, in the dedicated scheduler documentation there is a "Scheduler" classad mentioned.

As a last measure, we are evaluating an external cron job which would change the daemons' policy, or (I would find this potentially more useful) creating a custom classad that would return queries to "condor_q" (we have a single point of submitting, but the function would perhaps accept a schedd address as a parameter, or would use "-global").

However, perhaps some of this functionality is already built, or can be seen as a useful improvement.


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