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Re: [HTCondor-users] use comndor_submit for shell script

Hi :)

Remove the ./ from the executable = :)


On Sunday, January 26, 2014, Jiande Wang <jiande.wang@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
  We recently setup condor system (linux), and I am doing simple test on it.

(1) I generated an executable file (1.exe) from a simple code, then I used condor script

Universe = vanilla
Executable = ./1.exe
Error= 1.err
Output = 1.out

  This works fine.

(2) then I replace 1.exe with 1.bash in the Executable, where in 1.bash I simply echo one line of word, this works fine, too.

(3) next, I added "1.exe" in the bash script, now the bash script looks like

echo "hello"

 After I submit the job, the echo line "Hello" appeared in the "1.out", however, in "1.err" file, it shows
"/var/lib/condor/execute/dir_8911/condor_exec.exe: line 5: ./1.exe: No such file or directory"

I checked directory /var/lib/condor/execute, it is empty, there is no "dir_8911".

so is there anything wrong in what I am doing in step 3? In other words, is this the right way to use condor submit shell script which contains executable files?
 I put all shell, executable and condor files in one directory, so the path shouldn't be wrong.

Thanks in advance,


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