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Re: [HTCondor-users] use comndor_submit for shell script

On 1/25/2014 11:17 PM, Jiande Wang wrote:
   We recently setup condor system (linux), and I am doing simple test
on it.

(1) I generated an executable file (1.exe) from a simple code, then I
used condor script

Universe = vanilla
Executable = ./1.exe
Error= 1.err
Output = 1.out

   This works fine.

(2) then I replace 1.exe with 1.bash in the Executable, where in 1.bash
I simply echo one line of word, this works fine, too.

(3) next, I added "1.exe" in the bash script, now the bash script looks

echo "hello"

  After I submit the job, the echo line "Hello" appeared in the "1.out",
however, in "1.err" file, it shows
"/var/lib/condor/execute/dir_8911/condor_exec.exe: line 5: ./1.exe: No
such file or directory"

I checked directory /var/lib/condor/execute, it is empty, there is no

so is there anything wrong in what I am doing in step 3? In other words,
is this the right way to use condor submit shell script which contains
executable files?
  I put all shell, executable and condor files in one directory, so the
path shouldn't be wrong.

Are all your files being stored on a shared network filesystem (so that the submit node and the execute node see the same files), or are you expecting HTCondor to transfer your job's files between the submit and execute nodes?

If the former (shared file system, such as if your cluster all mounts the same NFS servers), you will want to ideally set FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN and UID_DOMAIN to be the same on all the nodes that share the same file system mounts and /etc/passed logins. This tells HTCondor to default to not transferring files between the submit node and the execute node. Alternatively, you could put
  should_transfer_files = NO
in your job submit file.

My guess based on the above is that HTCondor is configured such that the submit machine and the execute machine are in a different FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN, and as a result HTCondor is trying to transfer the job's files for you. If this is not what you want, see above :). If this what you want, the problem is HTCondor does not know about the file 1.exe in your third test... you will need to add the line
  transfer_input_files = 1.exe
to your job submit file.

See http://goo.gl/9rbjo6 or http://goo.gl/Y1ZpMB and/or
http://goo.gl/sl7oHJ for the relevant info in the manual.

Hope this helps

Thanks in advance,


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