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[HTCondor-users] condor script drive shell problem

I am using condor script to submit a simple shell script to test the machine. If I only put one echo line in the shell, it works fine. However, after I add several lines in the script, it failed to work. For example, if I add "cd xxxx" (xxxx is full path of a directory), it will have error:

/var/lib/condor/execute/dir_19539/condor_exec.exe: line 5: cd: xxxx: No such file or directory

Or if I add one line of executable file (1.exe) in the shell, it will have error: 1.exe: command not found

Seems it can only run unix command that has nothing to do with path or file name (like echo).

Our system was setup several days ago, and we are not very sure it's fully correctly configured. In the very beginning, it's setup in a way that condor submitted jobs can only run on head node cpu, while all computation nodes couldn't be seen in condor_status at all. At that time, the above script worked normal.

Now our SA realized this is not the correct way for condor, so he re-configured the machine in a way that all submitted jobs will be run on those computation node, head node cpu can not be seen in condor_status. We logon to head node to submit jobs. But my script stopped to work since then.

So is there anything we are missing or wrong in the machine configuration? Any suggestions?