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[HTCondor-users] condor_rm -all strange log


After issuing a condor_rm -all, I got a lot of this kind of message in
the Schedd log:

01/29/14 10:42:01 (pid:119793) match (slot7@xxxxxxxxxx
<xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:53921> for slurm) out of jobs; relinquishing
01/29/14 10:42:01 (pid:119793) Completed RELEASE_CLAIM to startd
slot7@xxxxxxxxxx <xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:53921> for slurm
01/29/14 10:42:01 (pid:119793) Match record (slot7@xxxxxxxxxx
<xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:53921> for slurm, 495.-1) deleted

What does it mean when the ID is 495.-1?