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Re: [HTCondor-users] condor_rm -all strange log

On 1/29/2014 4:29 AM, Pek Daniel wrote:

After issuing a condor_rm -all, I got a lot of this kind of message in
the Schedd log:

01/29/14 10:42:01 (pid:119793) match (slot7@xxxxxxxxxx
<xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:53921> for slurm) out of jobs; relinquishing
01/29/14 10:42:01 (pid:119793) Completed RELEASE_CLAIM to startd
slot7@xxxxxxxxxx <xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:53921> for slurm
01/29/14 10:42:01 (pid:119793) Match record (slot7@xxxxxxxxxx
<xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:53921> for slurm, 495.-1) deleted

What does it mean when the ID is 495.-1?

In this case, it means that match being removed is not currently associated with any specific job. Which makes sense, since in the above scenario the match is being relinquished because the schedd cannot find any jobs to run on it.

As you undoubtedly have discovered, many messages in the HTCondor log directory are primarily for debugging/development purposes, and as such are not necessarily end-user friendly...


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