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[HTCondor-users] SYSTEM_PERIODIC_REMOVE vs periodic_remove


I recently noticed that if a job is submitted with periodic_remove defined, e.g.

periodic_remove = RemoteWallClockTime > 345600 || ResidentSetSize > 3072000

this appears to cause SYSTEM_PERIODIC_REMOVE to be ignored. For example, consider a job with the above periodic_remove defined submitted to a schedd with the following SYSTEM_PERIODIC_REMOVE:

SYSTEM_PERIODIC_REMOVE = (JobStatus == 5 && (CurrentTime - EnteredCurrentStatus > 60))

If the job is put into the held state, it just stays in this state permanently and isn't removed. However, if a job is submitted without periodic_remove defined and is put into the held state, it is removed. This appears to happen with both 8.0.6 and 8.2.1. Is this meant to happen? Is there any way to have both periodic_remove and SYSTEM_PERIODIC_REMOVE respected?

Many Thanks,

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