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Re: [HTCondor-users] Changing Job Owner - 7.6.7 on Windows

Answering my own question. J


In config of schedd”




In submit file:


+Owner = “differentuser”


The “differentuser” must have previously submitted jobs, i.e. it will not work with a new user.






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Condor 7.6.7 running on Windows.


We have a user who has setup their own gui submission web portal for their application.


This essentially just requires them to create a “project”, specify input data for their model,

and an output area for results to go. They have a submit machine that runs a scheduled task

looking at the web portal’s “project” area. When new info is found the scheduled task takes

action and submits job/s to Condor. All well and good.


They are now looking at other users making use of this. The trouble is that a Windows

scheduled task runs under a particular user account. This means that anyone else using this

web portal will also show up with the job owner being the account running the scheduled task.


Is there anyway, when submitting jobs, to be able to specify the owner? If so, how?


I don’t think there’s anything in the condor_submit command to allow this.


condor_qedit doesn’t allow modifying the Owner ClassAd of the Job.


I’ve had a look at and fiddled with condor_chirp but can’t seem to get simple examples

to work, e.g. add “Hello World” to userlog, and even then I’m not sure if I could do what

is needed anyway.


I’d appreciate any help that anyone can provide.