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[HTCondor-users] Problem with init_local_hostname

Hi All,

Some of our worker nodes report the "Machine" property as empty for "condor_status -master -l" on the central manager.  When looking at the worker's MasterLog I see a lot of lines like this one:

03/17/14 11:09:37 init_local_hostname: ipv6_getaddrinfo() could not look up server-154fec5d-a8c3-4275-ac01-9849ebe24630.novalocal: Name or service not known (-2)

We recently changed condor from version 7.8.1  to 8.0.6.  Could there be a new configuration variable that I am not setting (properly) in my condor configuration?  The MasterLog is attached.


Frank Berghaus
University of Victoria
Research Associate
Physics & Astronomy
UVic Phone: +1 (250) 472-4085
UVic Office: Elliot 201

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