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[HTCondor-users] Suggestion for a small change to condor_submit

When we run a training event for HTCondor users here at Manchester, we do
the obvious mod to some of our Condor compute nodes to reserve them for
students on the course.

This also requires two changes to all their submit files:
1. the extra line 
+TrainingJob = True
2. the Requirements line needs a term conjoining
&& (Target.TrainingSlot)

Now, we don't have to edit the submit file for 1. because we can use -a:
condor_submit -a '+TrainingJob = True' submit.txt

but we can't do that for 2.

Would it be sensible to have a -reqappend, so that we could do:
condor_submit -a '+TrainingSlot = True' -ra '(Target.TrainingSlot)'

ps: I might well trial this with a local proxy we use anyway for
Ian Cottam
The University of Manchester